11 March 2008

Tig, you're it

Five-Centres (yes, him again) has passed the meme baton to me, bless him. The idea is you take the book you are currently reading, turn to page 123, skip the first three lines and then reproduce the next five on here for reasons unclear, though no doubt whoever came up with this wheeze had a cogent and useful motive for it.

Now my reading habits consist almost exclusively of football autobiographies, but as it so happens my bedside book is a proper novel right now (even though I have Neil Warnock, Bobby Charlton and Jimmy Armfield on the pile of unread books in my study). And, even if you haven't read it, you could certainly recognise it. This could even be close to intriguing...

"At this time of year, there would be another hour and a half of total darkness. He wanted to try standing up again. He had walked here, to the spot on the Wilshire Boulevard side where he had squeezed out of the ventilator. His left foot was so bad that he wanted to cry out. His thigh burned."

So, there you have it. Worth the wait, I'm sure you will agree. And, like F-C, I will try to inject some form of lukewarm sport into this by asking you to guess...

Looks like I'm tagging now. I'll nominate Louis Barfe, Phil Norman and Stephen Blake.

1 comment:

Louis Barfe said...

Seeing as it's you that's asking, I'll do it. However, my knowledge of novels set in Los Angeles is minimal, so I'll pass on guessing yours.