16 May 2008

Clunk click

I've had three separate people emailing me today, to say none of the links on my blog are open and clickable. I've noticed this too - but it works on Firefox (my home PC's browser) but not on IE (which I use only on Firefox-incompatible sites). So it's an IE thing, I assume... or is it? This is where my technical ignorance shows up. IE also seems to have italicised every link at the side, which is most odd.

Anyone else noticing this? Any suggestions? If so, use Firefox (!) to reply or email me offsite. I could do with the help.

EDIT: Thank you to webfixer for swift assistance via Blogger's Help Group. The links are still in italics on IE, which I don't want, but at least now you can click them - and the comments link too!

EDIT EDIT: And now thank you to T E D who has helped fix the italics problem. Marvellous!

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