6 June 2008

"Can't miss his place, got to rest his feet..."

Okay, at a particularly life-deficient time for me, and in the absence of any sort of interesting outlook on world events, it's another round of ... iPod roulette!

Exposing my musical soul for derision and ridicule today is...

1: Telegram Sam - T Rex
"I ain't no square with my corkscrew hair". More rock stars should have alluded to their physical features in song. Shaun Ryder should have mentioned having a massive nose on some coked-up B-side. Carly Simon's teeth should have made the lyrics of You're So Vain as a possible reason why Warren gave her the elbow. I'm a big Bolan fan, to the extent that he's probably the only rock star of whom I speculate as to how they would look and what they would be doing today if they'd not popped it so young.

2: Come Back My Love - Darts
I challenge anybody in the whole world to listen to this and not feel like the happiest person alive thereafter.

3: Natural Blues - Moby
"Oh lordy, trouble so hard..." Not really typical of my taste, but there was something about that commercial streak of Moby's with the Play album at the end of the 90s which stuck with me, despite Richard Allinson using Porcelain all the time as a talkover bed. Like the vocal on Praise You, I always assumed the sample on Natural Blues was a bloke singing, but it isn't. Moby was ubiquitous at this time on the I Love... and Top Ten shows, claiming to be influenced by everyone from Frankie Goes To Hollywood to Wayne Hemingway.

4: Girls - Moments and Whatnauts
I adore this record. The line about the best girl not just being "the one who does the best cooking" cracks me up, but it's still as sweet a single from the 70s as you'll find.

5: Cardiac Arrest - Madness
Probably their least remembered single of that marvellous early 80s period and yet one that conjures up some stark imagery in the head, as a man struggling with the crossword in a bowler hat on a sweaty morning bus keels over, his last thought being how his family will cope without him. It should feel like a much sadder song, but it's Madness. It's ace.

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Clair said...

Girls! Wow, I'd forgotten how great record that is, by a band with the world's daftest name!

I'm not as big a Bolan fan as you, but the singles are fantastic, and I've had some very happy experiences this year at the 30th anniversary events.