1 June 2008

Consider yourself ... damned bloody good

The audience of BBC1's I'd Do Anything have, brilliantly, gone for the hourglass Blackpool broad rather than the curly Irish lass in the grand final.

Jodie Prenger, the winner, has spent the entire series singing effervescently, crying uncontrollably whenever someone else got knocked out and being, just, well, dead sporting and nice about it all. I'd go and watch her, and it's the Natural Blonde who likes the musicals, not me. I've only caught this programme most weekends because she's crazy for it. She voted for Jodie a couple of times in the final.

However, as she's a) not a size zero; and b) northern, I cannot wait to see what crap the Daily Mail will come up with about her victory. Amanda Platell, that obvious paragon of svelte gorgeousness and flawless femininity, had a needless pop at Jodie's figure in her column yesterday, while that awfully charmless Pearson woman has laid into Princess Beatrice lately, to the extent that Fergie's had a go back and even Private Eye are backing her.

I tell you, our beloved Clair would be proud of me today...


Bright Ambassador said...

I can't stand the woman, and, no, not because she's a Northern BBW. I hate the way she's always 'on', doing that loveable Northerner 'Ay-up, love' schtick and all those crocodile tears. I detest public crying, especially when you're supposed to be happy.
Mind you, I was close to tears myself when Niamh got kicked off, but I didn't cry because I'm a man. I'm in love with Niamh.

Samantha should have won out of the three that were left.

Clair said...

Heh, quite right, I am! And unlike BA, I don't mind public crying. Viz: Jodie's figure, she'll drop a dress size or two through hard work and people having a go at her in the press,that's for sure.

Jon Peake said...

Not keen on the crying, but she's all woman, that one.

Matthew Rudd said...

BA, Jim Shelley seems to agree with you.