20 June 2008

"Ne pas apporter une olive n'importe où près de moi!"

Other isolated stuff I liked about our French break:-

1 - The price of unleaded
2 - Buying L'Equipe each day and being able to read and understand it
3 - The stray cat who clearly gets fed by four or five different households in our hamlet every day, who now goes by the name of Scabby due to his unkempt appearance
4 - Walking through the beautiful city of Limoges in non-stop rain
5 - The noise made by the crickets outside the house at night
6 - Fresh bread and baked goods delivered to the house
7 - Drinking beer and coffee on a hillside balcony next to a beautiful lapping lake near Crozant
8 - My best go yet at conversing in the native language
9 - Empty motorways, irrespective of the time of day
10 - My pal Wesley asking, in a restaurant, what the French was for "don't bring an olive anywhere near me"

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