21 July 2008

"She must have found somebody new and now I'm all alone..."

Just to start a new, thrilling week (no, come on), I thought I'd bore/enlighten/be humoured politely by you all with another round of iPod roulette. Hang on to your hats for...

1: The Root Of All Evil - Beautiful South
"Rich may switch the way they feel rich!" From the later end of their career and not even, sadly, a Top 40 entry, this was nonetheless a jaunty bit of Europhilia about the single currency. The rhyme "we'll be eating frogs and modelling clogs" appears in the chorus, which shows who the song wasn't aimed at.

2: You Will Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties - Jona Lewie
Now making a fortune from property and annual December playlist royalties, this was Lewie's other hit from 1980. I have sung this via an iPod at the Phoenix Arts Bar with F-C while each of us had an earpiece. So there. A terrific piece of semi-ecstatic, semi-bleak, synth one-fingership as Lewie foggily details his crapness around women at house parties. "Then I met this debutante, I said 'I like new wave rock'..."

3: Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
"In Birmingham they love the governor!" D'ya know, I only found out recently that most of Lynyrd Skynyrd copped it more than 30 years ago in a plane crash. This, and Freebird, were all they managed singles-wise in the UK but this sounds very, very good when very, very loud - there's a Gothic club near me which insists on drawing blood from your eardrums when they stick it on. Now a germaine record again thanks to Kid Rock, of course.

4: Imitation Of Life - REM
Hmmm. I am a big fan of REM but I don't really have much to say about this song. Reveal was their first album in yonks, and all I remember about the publicity for the album and this launch single was Michael Stipe doing one of Q magazine's readers' Q&A things, and being asked "Why did nobody buy your last album?" The album was New Adventures in Hi-Fi, I think ... anyway, he replied "That's a mean-spirited question and I'm not going to answer it." I do like the chorus on this song - Mike Mills' harmonies are immaculate. "This lightning storm, this tidal wave, this avalanche, I'm not afraid..."

5: Thorn In My Side - Eurythmics
"I should have known better, but I got what I deser-erve!" Annie and Dave's last UK Top 10 hit, chartwatchers. Uplifting mid-80s sax intro, fab vocal, clear as day lyrics and a chorus and "run run run run" backing which rendered it resident in your head from the first listen. Eurythmics were more melodious than they were given credit for.

Over to you...?


Jon Peake said...

Ah Jona Lewie. I recently discovered his song Louise (We'll Get It Right) was number 2 in Australia for ages. It's not that good, either.

The REM track is not helped by its non-sensical lyrics, but it's a good return to form by them, at that stage, anyway.

So here goes (no skipping):

You're The Inspiration/Chicago. I know you'd approve.

If I Say Yes/Five Star. It's clearly 80s day.

My Sharon/The Knack. What a corker.

Ma Lou Marilou/Serge Gainsbourg. I have a craze on him at the moment.

International Flight/David Snell. From The Sound Gallery Vol.2. Remember all those mid- to late-90s easy listening compliations. This is one of the best.

Verdict: A mixed bag.

Matthew Rudd said...

You have a Five Star record on your iPod. I'm shocked. Pleased, but shocked.

Bright Ambassador said...

My Sharona came up on my iPod shuffle earlier this evening too.
How does it work? Over the past two days its thrown up Val Doonican's Rafferty's Motor Car twice.