15 July 2008

Mad as a ...

The decision to dock Luton Town a total of 30 points prior to the new season due to administrative inconsistencies is an absolute disgrace. Do these neck-free, paper-shuffling, soulless football committee deadbeats not consider the supporters at all when making these awful judgments?

Last time I went to Kenilworth Road, I found myself humming In The Ghetto by Elvis Presley as I entered the town. It isn't appealing, though as someone who comes from Hull I accept that maybe there are areas I haven't seen which are more affluent than effluent. But I have largely fond memories of the place because, well, we won there on our last two visits during tight campaigns against relegation. I also like the way Mike Newell went on his kamikaze one-man mission to 'out' the dodgier end of the game's agency system.

The Hatters were relegated to the bottom division last season. They knew they'd start the new campaign 20 points adrift because of a breach of the game's insolvency rules, but now an extra ten points has been bolted on for 'financial irregularities'. The appeal, attended by pleading supporters in Luton shirts, failed today.

What the hell is the point of a team beginning a campaign 30 points behind everyone else? Why weren't they just relegated straight to the Conference and given a fresh start on equal points there? Oh, sorry, that would have been a logistical nightmare which would have cocked up the fixture list. It would have caused all sorts of strife with clubs jostling to take the vacancy in League Two. Not desirable. Far better to slam one club into the wall, giving it no hope whatsoever of maintaining the Football League status it has kept for many years, as that sends out 'the right message'.

The only message it sends out is that the authorities are prepared to make the management, players and especially (and most importantly) the fans suffer like hell. The guys who committed the financial misdemeanours won't feel the punishment from a 30 point deduction. Just the innocent sods left behind. Shame. SHAME.

My feeble effort to cheer the Luton Town fans up a tiny bit - have the edited highlights of your finest hour from 20 years ago.

I've still got this game on Betamax in my loft.


Callum said...

Whilst agreeing with you entirely, I find myself pondering why it didn't seem so bad when it happened to Leeds?

Greenie said...

Because they are Leeds. And it was funny!

Matthew Rudd said...

Leeds weren't quite hit as hard and were at least in a higher division, so had somewhere to bounce back from (and nearly did). Luton, however, will lose their Football League status over this in a manner akin to a slow, painful death.

Also, sadly for them, there simply isn't a shred of public sympathy for Leeds United anywhere outside their own supporters. Years of misconduct on and off the pitch has rubberstamped that.

Geoff Prickett said...

I cannot see a 30 point deduction being thrown the way of the top four. Too much influence. Oh, and money.