28 July 2008

Missing, presumed annoyed, somewhere near Newark

Oh, Bright Ambassador, wherefore art thou?

Given that BA used this pic of Reggie as his profile shot, I'm considering taking a hunt for discarded socks on the beach. Problem is, Newark is so central that he could choose literally any beach in England. Curses.

Hurry back.


Bright Ambassador said...

I came here looking for a post on Hull FC getting to the Challenge Cup final, or summat. Not posts about me, get over it, man! Apprentice of the Universe is no more. Like Bill Drummond of the KLF, I like to destroy the things I love.

I'm going on holiday later this week, so my M&S socks and undercrackers might be found on a beach somewhere in Sussex...

PS I love you too.

Matthew Rudd said...

My musings on Hull FC may appear later this week.

Meanwhile, pity about AotU ... it's a blog which deserved to be archived somewhere before you incinerated it.

Still, at least you're ok...

Bright Ambassador said...

Actually, I've had a rethink and perhaps it'd be more poignant if my grundies were found on the banks of the River Don in Goole.
Which is where we scattered my dad's ashes, after avoiding the dog muck on the path. It's what he would have wanted, avoiding dog muck that is.