6 July 2008

Short memory

Harry Kewell has joined Galatasaray.

As if the fans of Leeds United, the club that brought him up, didn't dislike him enough for the way he flitted to Liverpool; now he joins the club which Leeds have the absolute right to despise.


Geoff Prickett said...

It seems to be a major faux pas in taste more than anything. I cannot believe there wasn't at least one person with a memory to advise him that maybe the move would not be such a smart idea.

Oh, and the Turkish football president has just died.

Bright Ambassador said...

What a cock. Just proves everything I already knew about 90% of professional footballers.

Anonymous said...

Well said Matthew, nice to see Hull and Leeds fans can set aside their natural rivalry in this case.

Lee Slator said...

I was absolutely staggered by this decision when a work colleague showed me the story on BBC News on Friday. How can he go there after the history that Leeds have with Galatasary?

I've taken the decision not to get too wound up by it. He's not worth it!!

Mark X said...

While I certainly don't have a lot of time for Harry Kewell (and hey, who does, save for certain Australasian broadcaster-based bloggers*), can anyone remember if there was a similar uproar around the same time Ian Rush joined Juventus? If anything, that would be a perfect example of a player joining a club (what, two years after Heysel?) whose fans would have every right to hold a grudge against the connections a player has, and yet I don't remember any fuss from Turin at the time. The actions of a minority of fans don't have anything to do with the club they have chosen to follow.


Now you've all gone and made me defend Harry Kewell. I need a shower.

(This may have gone through twice, apologies if so.)

Matthew Rudd said...

The difference is that Rush was joining the victims, not the aggressors, and the deal was done a year before he actually went out there (he was technically on loan at Liverpool in 1986-7) while reaction in Turin was gauged.

And UEFA had taken action after Heysel by banning all English clubs. Part of the Leeds United fans' problem is that there seemed to be scant justice for their two deceased supporters - either from the Turkish justice system or from UEFA.

Galatasaray fans have got away with their hellish behaviour for years - and they even went on to win the UEFA Cup that year - after kicking the crap out of Arsenal fans in Copenhagen before the final.

Rush was bobbins at Juventus anyway. He came back after a year and it took him ages to start scoring again.

Chris Hughes said...

I don't really remember there being much, if any, opposition from Juve fans to Rush joining them. I think it might have helped that he was seen as following in the footsteps of John Charles. Shame he played more like Lord Charles.