11 July 2008

You ain't from round here, are you boy?

Alex is coming home this weekend - I hope you've followed his progress via his blog. Driving across the USA for a month and avoiding the obvious cities and sights in order to discover the "authentic" new country is something that I wouldn't have a) the nerve; or b) the finance to do.

He returns to Radio 2 on Monday. One craze sweeping the loyal nocturnalists who listen to The Best Time Of The Day is the Knee Gallery. This is a gallery of listeners' knees - just their bare knees, nothing else - as if to discover the beauty and versatility of the humble human patella.

What amuses me is that there is a disclaimer on the Knee Gallery, stating that the Radio 2 website can only show your knees if you are 18 or over. This suggests to me that a) there is something unduly wrong or irresponsible about showing the knees of a minor; and b) such underage knee footage could possibly arouse someone in a way we'd rather not ponder. On both counts - what nonsense!

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