10 August 2008

I hate the public sometimes

Following on from the post below, I'd just like to issue a short message to those people who texted 5 Live overnight while listening to the swimming coverage in Beijing, claiming our swimmers were lazy, unmotivated, untalented, lacking in ambition and riddled with excuses:

"You whingeing, fat, clueless, embarrassing, ignorant, hateful, objectionable bunch of know-nowt scumbags."

Thank you.


Chris Hughes said...

Does this also include Sir Steve Redgrave, who also voiced similar opinions (eight years ago, admittedly...)?

For some reason, I do find them hard to love as a breed of sportspeople. That said, I can't say I've watched any British swimmers this time round and immediately thought 'you should have done better'.

I don't think they're being helped by being interviewed by Sharron Davies, who seems to see her role as sticking a microphone in their faces and saying "well done, you did your best, see you in 2012". I can see why that might be conveying a bad impression.

Matthew Rudd said...

As someone who swam to county standard and knows what sort of work the best swimmers have to put in, it irks me.

You're right about Sharron Davies though. In the 1980s there was a poolside T-shirt doing the rounds which said "SHARRON DAVIES SAYS: I LIKE TO GET A LENGTH IN BEFORE BREAKFAST".