15 August 2008

Wish us luck...

This is my last blogging opportunity until Sunday now, as I'm on a showbiz night out in London tonight with Alex and other radio and blogging pals, so all I ask of you is to wish Hull City luck and good cheer as we embark on our Premier League adventure.

We start tomorrow at home to Fulham.

With the spirit of Wembley within us and a host of fine new signings, we have a chance. We really do.

Thanks. Really, thanks.


Matthew Rudd said...


Brian Cleary said...

I have next to no interest in non Man U teams, but since I'm a regular reader of this blog I have been keeping an eye on the Hull game. Well done!! It's a nice start!!

Anonymous said...

A good day at the office,I'll be bound!

I'll bet yourself and Steve Jordan are wearing smiles as wide as the Humber today!

And to paraphrase Bill McClaren , "They'll be dancing in the Beverley Road tonight!!"

Mark X said...

Just in case you missed Gary Lineker's comment at the end of MoTD, "well done to Hull City, the only Premier League team to win every single one of their matches in the top flight". Or similar - why isn't Match Of The Day on iPlayer?