28 September 2008

"Mauled by the Tigers, you're getting mauled by the Tigers..."

I've never claimed to have a way with words, so on this occasion I'm glad I cannot even for a moment put into legible English the way I feel after going to Arsenal and winning.


Anonymous said...

How good was that?
Woke up this morning and had to watch match of the day again to check I hadn't dreamt it!

Bright Ambassador said...

Much as I like Arsenal (and feel as though I could easily switch my allegiance, should the need occur, which is getting more and more likely), I have to say well done.

Mark X said...

Well done, indeed. I think it's fair to say that Hull City are become quite a few supporters 'second team', as patronising as that sounds. A last hurrah for efficiently run (relatively) small clubs hoping to mix it with the big boys without having to turn to foreign benefactors looking to heighten their international profile, if you will.