9 September 2008

"Seems to me girl, you know I've done all I can..."

In the absence of anything interesting to say or report, it's the blogging equivalent of the Get Out Of Jail Free card ... iPod roulette!

Into shuffle mode we go, and out comes...

1: Other Voices - The Cure
"Change your mind, you're alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays ... wrong!" Hmmm, I do like the Cure and have done for years but I don't know much about the origins of this song as it came off the Staring At The Sea compilation. The bassline is filthy though, and I love the echo on Robert Smith's voice. I have an image of the Cure only playing really scary venues until The Lovecats made them a little more contemporary.

2: Easy - The Commodores
"I paid my dues to make it..." Impossible to dislike, irrespective of your musical prejudices. I didn't get the urge to open an account with the Halifax, mind. And anyone who runs out of milk when they have a thirsty cat whining at them deserves reporting to the RSPCA.

3: Save Me - Big Country
"I wasn't searching, but see what I've found..." Great, inflated show-off opening on a song which the band had so much confidence in, it opened their Through A Big Country compilation despite missing out on the Top 40. Foggy vocals and (yes) bagpipe guitars made their sound totally unique and they should have been treasured more.

4: Chemistry - Semisonic
"Some fine, fine girls with nothing but good intentions..." I don't know why I really like this, as it's a very rock-by-numbers song. Maybe it's the ba-ba-ba-ba-bang drums at the beginning or the simplistic story of adolescence told in scientific terms. I love the idea of a bloke suggesting to a "graduate" he fancied that they conduct "experiments".

5: She Comes In The Fall - Inspiral Carpets
"You should learn to walk, should learn to walk before you crawl..." Of all the Madchester acts, this lot had the best natural singer and the best drummer. Clint Boon, meanwhile, got away with murder with both haircut and keyboard playing. Ace stuff.

Not a bad quintet, by my standards. It's your go now...

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