30 October 2008

Douglas heard

Now I am seriously hacked off. Why should Lesley Douglas resign and Jonathan Ross stay in a job? I am sick of this "baying mob" mentality which demands a senior head should roll when some arrogant twerp decides he is untouchable and too powerful to be affected by controversy.

Jonathan Ross should quit. Or the BBC should do him for gross misconduct. If committing a broadcasting faux-pas serious enough for his controller to fall on her sword doesn't represent gross misconduct, then we may as well all climb under a rock right now.


Jon Peake said...

Shouldn't Ross do the decent thing and resign. Everyone else has, what's so special about him?

Therein lies the problem.

JM said...

Leave it to Paul Gambacinni to tell it like it is:


Matthew Rudd said...

That's fantastic. Bang on.

Mondo said...

The problem is both stars thought they were bigger than the station. Happened before with Chris Evans at Radio One

As the catalyst behind the whole sorry story, Ross should do the decent thing and go. He won't be missed - he hasn't done a proper interview in years - this is the guy (an almost obsessive Bowie fan), who got Bowie on the TV show and then put him through a load of silly stuff about Man-love and internet porn. What a waste - hopeless.

Brian Cleary said...

The Paul Gambaccini article/ interview was the most clear cut assessment of the entire episode.

There have been comments on other sites claiming that Gambo was a bit late in pointing out what a nightmare Brand was , but as someone righly pointed out - he was hardly going to knife Lesley Douglas when she was in the job.

On another note related to this - there have been numerous articles criticising Lesley Douglas for her obsession with george Lamb and Russell Brand. In fact Jude Rogers wrote a brilliant piece on The Lipster about it at the start of the year. At the time it seemed that she was attempting to shoe horn both these guys in to stations that didn't want them. There were comments at the time that either Brand or Lamb would cause the end of her. How right they were.

The only positive we can take from this episode is that Alex Lester and Richard Allinson are getting much higher profile shows than they usually would and I do hope that they will stay in those slots.

Matthew Rudd said...

Richard Allinson was a breath of fresh air on Saturday morning. Tuned in all the way from Hull to Manchester and didn't feel like I was being rushed into listening.

I didn't catch much of Alex initially as it clashed with the club work, but I've had it on Listen Again since and I loved it. Brand fans will have hated it, but then again Alex Lester isn't for them, just as Russell Brand wasn't for everyone else listening to Radio 2.