7 October 2008

Milk and thirteen sugars, please - #2

The builders are doing a fine job. The drainage is sorted, the foundations are down and they are well on the way with the breezeblocks and the outer brick work. In a couple of weeks they'll be ready to knock down the existing side wall of the house. which will be rather fun...

Meanwhile, the small boy I mentioned who uses chattering to the builders as a way of delaying his journey to school, is still doing so. He wants to be a builder when he grows up. He's even asked these guys if he can come and work for them (he's about seven, at the oldest). This lad is hugely entertaining - his mother keeps apologising for him, but I find it quite refreshing that a child can be so wide-eyed and inquisitive about something practical rather than just mooching around on a bike or staring at a screen.

The family acts as many people's wake up call, and it's far more entertaining listening to them than switching on GMTV. The lad is always up really early, dressed and out on his bike. At 7.45am his mother has to call him in for some breakfast, then half an hour later she has to call him in again... often she'll come out and drag him in. It's not cruel, the mother has a fabulously barking, brusque voice but she isn't ever angry with him, and the lad is never upset by it all. Then she takes him and his sister to school and he stops and delays and stops and delays and all the whole estate can hear is "Liam! Come ON! You'll be late! I'll leave ya! I will!" Anyone with a window open of a morn can just sit by it and giggle.

I'm expecting the builders to receive a further visitation from the sprog this afternoon. One day he'll turn up in mini-overalls and ask if he can learn how to use the cement mixer, I can feel it. Well, if the Victorians can shove unwilling four year olds up chimneys, then how about a willing seven year old with a bag of Blue Circle?

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