23 October 2008

Random irritations

A few things have got my goat of late...

1 - Pregnant women smoking in the street

2 - Text messages which have *some text missing* and take ages to refresh

3 - Misuse of the apostrophe on official documentation

4 - Paddington advertising Marmite

5 - Factual errors on ESPN Classic

6 - Enormous people scoffing Big Macs

7 - Jeff Powell's views on David Beckham

8 - Still knowing none of the words to Informer by Snow, 15 years on

9 - Those ambulances which look like police cars and prompt an automatic bit of sharp braking, irrespective of your speed

10 - Polystyrene

11 - Long life milk

12 - The TV remote control volume button simultaneously putting the DVD on x2 speed


Valentine Suicide said...

There are some songs that certain people are never meant to know the words to. For you it's 'Informer', for me it's 'Brass in Pocket'. I feel if I were to discover these lyrics at this late stage, it would all be over...

Re long-life milk. Why do I see certain shoppers at the supermarket loading in carton after carton of the stuff into their trolleys? What do they know that I don't?

Callum said...

The ambulances I can deal with. At least they're on the way to saving someone's life or something. It's the Highways Agency Patrol vehicles that annoy me. All those flashing lights, and their only statutory power is putting cones out. Grr.

Sky Clearbrook said...

You're tagged.

Mondo said...

My pet peeve is public spitting - for Gods sake why? Can't they use a tissue or hanky

Re - remote controls I've got two DVD players (one's a recorder) in the rack - but rewind on the remote for the main one actives play on the second one - which usually has a CD in it - so we get an overly loud random soundtrack everytime we rewind something

Bright Ambassador said...

I read that piece about Beckham in a colleague's borrowed Mail. I must say I agree with it. I've never rated Beckham; granted, he's excellent at free kicks, penalties and crosses, but his skills in open play are questionable. So is the decision to make him a captain, he hardly looks like he displays many leadership qualities. And why he keeps getting picked for England when he plays in a league, which, to all intents and purposes is not much better than pub football, is beyond me.
I think looking forward to the 2010 World Cup - should we qualify - we need to look at players that won't be at the twilight of their careers when it rolls around.
To think that he may be capped more times than Bobby Moore leaves me cold. No doubt he'll be going for Shilts's record too.

Steve said...

2 and 4 - oh yes indeed. I also get annoyed by cyclists who smoke... exercise and smoking?! Yeah what great bed fellows. As ridiculous as McDonalds serving salads...