12 November 2008


I watched a documentary on the Crime & Investigation channel about the Stephanie Slater case last night. Today I've found her official website. I can't recall, at the time, the details of the sexual assault, makeshift coffin and potential for electrocution ever being mentioned in the news bulletins, even after she was released, so the torture she went through seems even more unspeakable than the basic horrors we can imagine over being abducted.

I do remember Rob Newman getting laughs about it in his act though, and feeling that even allowing for humour in adversity, he went too far.

And to think Michael Sams is now moaning that his prison bed is too hard.


Clair said...

I do have to say I find it a bit odd that she's still going on about it in public. I'd want to move on, I think - but what do I know? I've only read The Collector...

Bright Ambassador said...

I remember the day he was arrested. Shock doesn't enter in to it. While she, and Julie Dart, were there, I would have been drinking in a pub 100 yards away. And he used to feed them fish and chips from my post-pub takeaway. What a horrid man. Far too close to home for my liking.
Thankfully the rather misguided Michael Sams Tour didn't last very long.

I think Clair has a point. He'll never get out, so please can we all just move on?