29 November 2008

Latest Corrie questions

1 - Who's going to be the star witness in Tony Gordon's downfall - Rosie Webster or Jed Stone?

2 - Is Molly doing 14-hour shifts in the shop now that Dev's ruining kebabs and Amber's in Finland?

3 - Will we ever meet the owner of Turner's Joinery?

4 - Why hasn't Jed been re-introduced to Ken Barlow yet?

5 - Why didn't Gail go utterly and totally apeshit over someone nicking her kitchen?

6 - Are they splitting Steve and Michelle up to make it easier for Kym Ryder to quit?

7 - How absolutely brilliant is Graeme?

8 - How absolutely brilliant is Tina?

9 - Why has nobody noticed that Michelle's mum is the big sister of that mad Carmel nanny?

10 - Why can Becky never finish a cigarette?

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