18 November 2008

Milk and thirteen sugars - #5

An electrician is coming round today to wire up the new additions to the house, and I'm typing this via a makeshift computer desk on a filing cabinet as he needs access to the corner of the room where the PC has been parked for many years.

With the gas and the water already connected, the addition of electricity is another watershed moment. The builders have done a cracking job, to the extent that they've got two new jobs out of it for the New Year. The couple across the road have just acquired permission for a loft conversion and popped over to ask our three if they were available, while a friend of another neighbour has just accepted a quote for a new driveway. I suppose in the building trade recommendations and evidence with your own eyes of a builder's ability is all you need - no wonder so many builders' vans have 'RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY' painted on the side.

In the new bedroom, the walk-in wardrobes and entrance to the en suite bathroom have been fixed, while downstairs the wooden frames which will become dividing walls have been constructed. The cats, when emerging from their daily hiding places, love these - Sidney has already started leaping between them like a monkey while Sox, the large-bellied moggy, has managed to defy gravity and size issues by falling asleep on a piece of wood half her own girth.

The builders have been listening to Radio 1 rather loudly every day, which surprises me a little as the youngest of them has just turned 39. Chris Moyles played The Only One I Know by the Charlatans on Friday, and I was asked by the builders which year it was. Cue half an hour of memories of seeing the band at Bridlington Spa in 1990...

Judging by the lights in Hull city centre and the adverts featuring Mariah Carey on television, Christmas is close by now. This means the extension will soon be finished. Hurray!

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