26 November 2008

Milk and thirteen sugars - #6

We now have a new bedroom, en suite bathroom, hallway, entrance, study, dining area and downstairs khazi.

Well, we have the structure for them, anyway.

The builders' work is just about done. The walls are built, the frames in place, the floors are down and plasterboard all attached. They have to re-pave outside and re-build the garden wall (which they dismantled at the beginning for easier wheelbarrow access) and then they take the cheque away and the plasterers and plumbers come in.

Then it's the decorating and furnishing.

My main interest is the furnishing. Being someone invariably lacking in taste, the Natural Blonde and my mother (you try keeping my mother out of our decorating plans) have already ordered me to stay well away from the decor catalogues. The NB is also non-plussed by my fabulous (well, I think so) idea to have a framed Hull City shirt from my 15-year collection in every room. Every. Room.

Suffice to say, she'll get her way.

We did aim for it to be done by Christmas. Let's see...

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Lee Slator said...

It's not only me then who isn't allowed a framed football shirt on most walls then! My signed Leeds shirt is still up in the loft, even after finishing decorating the landing.

All I can say is keep trying. She might eventually come to a compromise!