19 December 2008

No, it really *is* F-C

This is F-C, hiding behind his choice of holiday reading matter.

A superb It's A TV Cream Christmas! evening on Tottenham Court Road last night, with attendees including him, him, him, her, her and him.

I have photographs of bloggers pretending to be in love, doing impressions, sleeping drunkenly and generally arseing about. I drank lots of Guinness and spent most of the evening chastising Phil jealously for being a) immensely photogenic even when he pulls a face; and b) in possession of the most alcohol-resistant liver that human biology has ever created. He should be cloned.

Somebody brought in a freebie DVD of the Flying Doctors. It's probably still on our table now.


Louis Barfe said...

That DVD has a half-life to rival plutonium. When Phil, Suzy, Peter and I left, it was being ignored by the people at the next table, where we'd placed it in the hope it would go away. Now if it had been a DVD of The Young Doctors, I'd have trousered it.

Apologies all round, by the way. I was past my best by about 4.45pm. Lunchtime drinking - can't do it anymore.

Anonymous said...

I may live to regret this but jpegz plz, as promised.

Matthew Rudd said...

I have no email for you Empress, only your beloved's work address and that keeps spitting the pix back. Use the email on this blog to get it to me.

Phil Norman said...

I swear you're overestimating my liquor-holding abilities, as anyone who saw me at any point of the day yesterday will confirm.

But a fine night it was, too. The Flying Doctors DVD didn't make its way home with me, so at least I know I wasn't *that* drunk.

Jon Peake said...

That's the last time I bring a gift to a TV Cream evening.

You can just about make out my ears in that pic.