17 December 2008

Strictly Come Arguing

People are still arguing about Strictly Come Dancing's decision not to eliminate anyone last Saturday. For Cliff's sake, it's perfectly simple - the judges tied two contestants at the top, meaning that even if the whole bleedin' universe voted for that smug Holby City bloke, he would not have avoided the dance-off. Therefore you'd be throwing your money away voting for him to remain. The BBC seem to be damned if they do and damned if they don't.

The contest should have three finalists anyway, so they've done the right thing on that score too.

Next year, some changes. Give the couple who top the judges' board an automatic place in the next round. Make the public vote for who they want to get rid of, not save. Decide if it's a dancing contest or entertainment contest and adjust the power of the judges' or public's votes accordingly. Have a back-up plan to separate tied contestants, such as the biggest number of 10s awarded (then 9s, then 8s, etc). Don't hire anyone to take part who has the personality of a skirting board. And make sure Karen Hardy dances with someone good/likeable so we actually get to see her a bit.

And as I first said here, Lisa Snowdon to win. It's gonna happen.

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Louis Barfe said...

It'll give her something else to talk about, other than having knobbed George Clooney.