9 December 2008

What the hell is Zabasearch anyway?

Urrrrgh. More computer trouble. Something has arrived on my system which evaded Norton and now every so often I get Internet Explorer pop-ups when surfing, even though I use Firefox and have the pop-ups blocker set to maximum.

Norton can warn me about attacks it is blocking, but it can't prevent pop-ups nor find the source of the problem when I scan the computer. The pop-ups are occasional, apparently harmless and easy to cancel but I'd rather not have them.

Yesterday I spent nearly seven hours on live chat with Norton's techies in India, who took remote control of my computer and did all sorts of work on it to try to get rid of the pop-ups. No luck. They promised to ring me back at 12 midday today, and it's now 12.30. I paid £70 for this expert, reliable help too...

I've been advised against a system restore but it may be my only option now.


Mondo said...

Have you got AVG anti virus? Free and a great AV tool - also Adaware by Lavasoft it's an anti-spyware freebie - if you haven't got it - get it. You'll be amazed how many incidents it finds on the first run - if you've never run it before, expect to find literally hundreds of instances embedded in your system

Valentine Suicide said...

Yes! As above, only I ue Spybot Search and Destroy for adware.

I bet Norton are tapping you up for thirty quid a year updates? tsk!

As for that seventy quid? Next time buy yourself an external hard disk and put everything of value photos music on there, and keep your PC as close to the basic build as possible. restoring should then be painless.
Howard Jones = rubbish.

Matthew Rudd said...

Followed Mondo's advice, problem sorted after a scan with AVG which took two hours and 15 minutes. It's odd, as on my last computer (a good few years ago) I used AVG and it was crap. Cheers Mondo - it is noticeable however, how AVG initially doesn't scan your email, merely chooses to prevent anything at all from downloading, even though mail2web informed me I had stuff waiting. A reboot fixed that.

VS, all my stuff is already externally saved, but ta for the suggestion. I shall obviously ignore your last comment as I know you need professional help.

Lee Slator said...

Can only re-iterate the advice above. I've just had my desktop PC rebuilt after been passed components down the line from my younger brothers machine. I've put AVG on it instead of McAfee (which I was fortunate enough to be able to use under my employers licensing agreement). I must say that it works just as well for me as opposed to McAfee.

Another free virus scanner to try is called avast (someone at work suggested this one). It's offerred free because of making enough money through its corporate contracts to warrant it being available to home users for nowt.

Mondo said...

Whoops - forgot to mention my consultancy meter was running - play something Christmasy for me if you get the chance and we'll call it quits ;)

PS did you grab Lavasoft - it really is a must have freebie