23 December 2008

Wrapper's delight

The NB wrapped up all our presents yesterday. I occasionally held ribbons down with one finger while she applied the sellotape (TM) while otherwise feeling entirely useless.

This is because I'm appalling at wrapping presents. When I try, I end up ripping the paper or not quite cutting enough from the sheet to cover the present entirely. Therefore I end up tearing an extra bit to stick over the gap, making it look all unwieldy, inconsistent and appalling.

One year I hit upon an idea. I took my unwrapped Christmas shopping to work with me, plus all the wrapping accessories required - paper, labels, ribbons etc - and then made an on-air appeal on my Imagine FM breakfast show for someone who was a) available, and b) kindly, to pop round our studios and wrap my presents for me. It worked a treat, as half a dozen women in their 30s and 40s popped round over the next half hour to offer their creative skills. Within another half hour, I was driving home with a bagful of immaculately wrapped presents.

Boy did I get some playful stick for this. But I'd do it again...

1 comment:

Valentine Suicide said...

I'm not surprised, as I've rarely heard of such an abuse of power. You local jocks are all the same. Gah.

Merry Christmas, you Fascist.