28 December 2008

You know, Russian geezer, had a mate called Perry Stroika...

One of the glass collectors at the club had a bit of an accident over Christmas, which left him with a large cut on his totally bald pate. By the time he turned up for work last night, the cut had dried up and a large bruise was, instead, impressively spreading towards his scalp.

On the mic I spent the evening, cruelly but aptly, calling him Mikhail. He got the joke but the bar staff didn't have a clue.

The bar staff are all under the age of 26. One's age really comes to the fore when the last Soviet leader, as famous for his port-wine birthmark as for his reforms, is someone not even remotely on a grown-up person's radar. I'll have the bath chair now, thanks.

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Clair said...

I now have so many friends hovering around the thirty-mark that before I make a cultural reference, I have to think 'Will they remember that?'. It's awful. I need more friends my own age so that we can all go 'Spangles...Pogle's Wood...Charles Hawtrey'.