4 December 2008

"You're playing for something far more valuable..."

Now that I'm no longer driving to a studio of an evening, I've begun to watch Eggheads again. A thrill a minute, my life. Anyway, this week they've introduced the new 'sixth Egghead' to the programme, the winner of that Are You An Egghead? series which Dermot Murnaghan has been hosting lately.

Why have they done this? It's not as if they've had to replace anyone directly. So far this week, Barry has replaced CJ, Daphne and Chris, while not appearing at all in the other episode. He seems unable to look at a camera properly, rolling his eyes while keeping the rest of his smiling expression fixed, in the way David Blunkett does. Blunkett has a better reason for it, mind...

Ultimately, Eggheads will always be the same programme, irrespective of the strength of the challengers or the person Barry has replaced. Judith will be useless and an embarrassment on anything that doesn't involve polo, Emily Bronte or silicosis; Daphne will express gestured shock when someone on her team guesses incorrectly but then struggle on one of her own questions; Chris will get a question about the Sugababes and decide to claim he couldn't care less rather than take a wild guess; and Kevin will know absolutely everything that has ever happened since the universe began.

Only when Barry replaces Kevin - which hasn't happened yet - will the opposition have a chance to win in a manner which isn't freakish.


Bright Ambassador said...

I've been meaning to say this for some time - brace yourselves - I'm an avid Eggheahds watcher. Bloody hell, that feels good.

I love Daphne, I bet she's a laugh in the pub. She's the only one who applauds the other team if they win or put in a spirited performance.
de Mooi, on the other hand, is the world's most insufferable cock. He's an arrogant bastard who looks down his nose at anyone who gets a question wrong. What makes me laugh though is that if he gets a question wrong, he acts as though that information was completely useless anyway. As Mark Radcliffe says, there's no such thing as useless information.
Ashman could quite easily put the title World's Dullest Man alongside his World Quiz Champion trophy.
What was hilarious is the fact that Barry got his first ever question as an Egghead completely and utterly wrong. Even I knew the correct answer. I laughed and laughes and laughed.

And I'm finally getting used to Jeremy Vine.

Anonymous said...

That Kevin is a freak of nature.Absolute genius and knows absolutely everything there is to be known.