26 January 2009

Milk and thirteen sugars - #8

We have a kitchen again! Hurray!

No more collecting mugs and cutlery from a box in the conservatory which is liable to fall over and break everything at any moment! No more washing up in a bucket, filled with a pint glass via the upstairs wash basin! No more takeaway journeys every night because we have nothing to cook with! No more leaving milk outside at night because it's the only place cold enough to keep it fresh!

The new kitchen is fitted and fab. We are a couple of cupboard doors short, as the order was miscounted by the chaps at Wickes, but that will be sorted tomorrow. The decorating is done too, and just the floor needs laying.

Anyone clocked the kitchen Joe McIntyre fitted for Gail in a hurry on Coronation Street to replace the one the Windass family nicked? According to the Natural Blonde, it's a botch job as the extractor hood is built into a cupboard.

We still have a lot to do - dining room, hallway, stairwell - but we can now almost touch the day when we have our home back...

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