9 January 2009

"You require ... a spellchecker!"

The Daily Mail will just love this - falling literacy standards and an excuse to bash the BBC. If only darts were able to affect the house prices too...


Mondo said...

Blimey don't tell me Gervais is doing darts as well now, that is him on the right isn't it? It's certainly not Mick Taylor Rolling Stones guitarist from 69-73

Mark X said...

I was going to say "Blimey, John Parrott's let himself go a bit".

The standard of Caption Literacy is certainly falling. BBC One recently spelled 'Gromit' incorrectly on a Christmas day caption, despite it being the centrepiece of their entire schedule.

Charles Nove said...

There's a long and glorious history of literacy problems amongst telly graphics operators, hence the splendid joke:

Q: How many Aston* operators does it take to change a light bulb?

A: On

(* the Aston television caption generator, M'lud)