25 February 2009


From Mike Park of Weymouth, in today's Daily Mail:

Let's face it, who would you rather watch: the very intelligent Gail Trimble on University Challenge (who appears to know everything), or CJ de Mooie on Eggheads (who thinks he does)?

Ace. I'd love to see CJ (or Chris Hughes, or Kevin Ashman) on University Challenge, as I reckon they wouldn't know a thing. There's a difference between knowledge and intelligence.

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Louis Barfe said...

The worst thing about CJ (and it's at the head of a very long list) is that smug, twatty, 'me sir' way that he supplies supplementary information to other people's correct answers. Just to show that he knew it as well. Have a biscuit and fuck off.

I'm not sure whether it's time yet to unleash the story of my Eggheads near-miss on the world...