2 February 2009

Snow laughing matter - again

When we got some snow in the provinces recently, my cynical genius friend Kev sent a text which I reproduced lovingly here.

Now, of course, it's become much more newsworthy due to the different location it has dared to invade. And, true to form (and making me laugh until it hurt), here's Kev's reaction, sent via text to all he knows:-

"Oh my God - it's snowing in LONDON! LONDON everyone! Snow in LONDON! Buses aren't running in LONDON! Quick! Newsflash! How will the BBC LONDON staff get to work? Quick! Put it on the news! LONDON has had snow! Actually in LONDON! Forget the rest of the news. Forget the snow elsewhere in the country. Get the RAC on the news, stood in LONDON! Get a reporter on the M25. Oh God, the UNDERGROUND has delays! Oh god, it's unbelievable. There's actual snow in LONDON!"

Heh. He's right, y'know. There's snow in London. And the rest of us will now have to hear about it forever.

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Anonymous said...

When whatever next place you live in becomes a capital with infrastructure and miles of transport and hundreds of bus routes to worry about, maybe people will give a shit about there too, DUUUH