20 February 2009

Wish, weekend and Warren

Just had a tiring but fantastic week covering the 102.4 Wish FM breakfast show in Wigan, and tonight will join the radio boys for our latest nerdish night out.

It should be a night-long farrago of alcoholic carnage, but given that at least seven of us have been on either nights or earlies all week, don't be surprised if Newcastle's street sweepers are clearing a glut of deeply sleeping jocks from their gutters.

And for the first time, we have Clive Warren out with us. Yay!


JM said...

I would suggest that at least one of you is honour bound to dress up in a giant fluffy dog costume just to make him feel at home.

Charles Nove said...

Sleeping jocks would be by no means the most shocking sight on the streets of central Newky on a Friday night......!