17 April 2009

Cereal offender

Another advert is irritating me at the moment.

It's the Special K one, the one with the oh-so-earnest voiceover man asking "you" if you're going to be able to get into your swimsuit this summer? Well, eat Special K once a day and .... yadayadayada. We get the message.

What irritates me is that the woman they use in the advert who is looking in the window of the shop and imagining her cossie on her is not even remotely overweight. Indeed, the loss of any weight, be it thanks to controlled doses of Special K or wanton bouts of heavy-duty bulimia, would make her look too skinny and scrawny. If these products really are designed to help you lose weight "as part of a calorie controlled diet" then why don't they use an authentic fat person, of either gender? A proper salad dodger? Not some attractive lass who is the physical epitome of normal and, indeed, looks proper ace?


Callum said...

And furthermore, why have Kellogg's been marketing Special K for years, without ever selling Ordinary K?

Rebecca said...

Oh please, relying on the stereotype of 'fat people = salad dodging'? Read Shapely Prose (http://kateharding.net), learn a few things, and do us all a favour

Matthew Rudd said...

So you're more concerned with a flippant description of someone genuinely obese rather than the depiction of someone as overweight who quite clearly isn't?