24 April 2009

No plasters on either lens, I hope

I'm going for an eye test today. I haven't had one in my adult life but figured that while the migraines keep popping up every couple of weeks or so, I'd see if I can at least rule out any number of things that may be contributing to them.

I remember the eye tests as a child, which basically involved reading the letter chart, then putting a card over one eye and doing so again, then a third time with the other eye. Presumably smarter kids with good memories can just parrot the letters, irrespective of the quality of their eyesight.

My long sight seems to be okay - I spotted a Yorkshire Terrier (often vile, nasty things) on the other side of the playing fields yesterday and promptly put the temperamental Boris back on to his lead, so maybe that's a good sign. Short sight seems to be fine too - I'm typing this without pain or squinting, after all.

Anyway, wish me luck. If I end up in spectacles then I'll be in good company - a number of bloggers to your right are resplendent in their bins - and if I don't then at least I'll have saved myself a quid or several. Do you get tea and biscuits while you wait?


Simon said...

Getting mine tested in a couple of weeks, but then I've been living behind glass for over 20 years now. Couldn't imagine ever switching to contacts as when I take the specs off all I see in the mirror (somewhat blurrily) is the 18 year old me again.

Never been offered refreshments by an optician though.

Mondo said...

Have you checked your diet for migraines not choco or cheese, but low blood sugar etc...

I generally get them, if I haven't eaten for a while, and have bright light or screens on my peripheral vision

Matthew Rudd said...

No refreshments, sadly. Well, not unless you helped yourself from the watercooler or Kenco machine. I overheard someone moaning that the coffee was only partly dissolved and entirely tepid, so I didn't bother.

I do think lack of food can be a factor, Mondo - I sometimes got them on Sunday mornings when I'd done five hours on a club stage, slept for another five and then gone on the radio with nothing but instant coffee for replenishment. I've since made sure of breakfast prior to leaving for the studios and have cut out the coffee. I now get them less on the Sunday mornings but they do still pop up at other times for no immediately obvious reason.

Anyway, the optician reckons my sight is not contributing. My left eye is long sighted but my right is A1 and I don't need specs.

The Joined up Cook said...

Well, how did the test go?

I've worn mine for about twenty years now.

I've graduated to the heady, dizzying heights of varifocals.

With them you have to look directly at 'the target' of your vision to get it focus which means no more furtive corner of the eye glances at long legs.

If you do need them here are some handy hints;

Get a hat with a peak; the rain is a bugger and the hat will shield them to a degree.

Don't go swimming in them.

If you have a night on the tiles try to remember to take them off BEFORE going to bed.

Matthew Rudd said...

See my post above yours, A Write Blog. Welcome along!

The Joined up Cook said...

Oops, I did read that but assumed, for some strange reason, that the comments were from a previous visit.

The problem wasn't my eyesight but my understanding.

Jon Peake said...

I can't see a think a thing without my glasses, but I never wear them other than for driving or TV because I don't really like them.

I've tried contacts, but I couldn't even get them on the end of my finger, let alone in my eye, so that avenue of opportunity was closed for me forever.

Matthew Rudd said...

Were you not wearing your glasses when you wrote the first seven words of your post above, or is this F-C irony? I reckon it's the latter.

Kolley Kibber said...

I suffered from migraines for years, but once I turned 40 they slowed down dramatically and have all but stopped. This is quite common apparently and is one of the few good things about getting older. You may find the same.

I've had glasses for reading and computer work since I was 28. I quite like them but I'm glad I don't have to wear them all the time. Contacts have scared me since a friend fell asleep in hers and one of them rolled round the back of her eye.