9 April 2009


I would like to apologise profusely to the listeners of 106.5 Central Radio, the Preston station where I have been covering breakfast this week.

There has been a gas leak all week which has shut the northbound Victoria Road, a major thoroughfare out of Preston, and all I and my two on-air colleagues have done during the programme is giggle at the expression "gas leak".

'Cause, like, it could be a fart, couldn't it? Hurhurhurur etc. Deeply puerile and unfunny, I know.

Laughing at a situation which is causing strife for many loyal listeners is not professional. I am ashamed. You'll be thrilled to learn I have only one programme left of my cover, and as that falls on Good Friday, you probably won't need to be up and tuned in for traffic news anyway.

Thank you. If ever I have to use "gas leak" on the radio again, I promise not to be so infantile.

(Do I bollocks...)

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