15 June 2009

"This cricket bat, with a breezeblock nailed to it, is your car..."

The matrices once again decided to lecture us and waste electricity on a quiet and incident-free M62 yesterday by displaying 'THINK BIKE'.

Sorry, but judging by the behaviour of motorcycles on motorways, especially those ones in groups who weave in and out of traffic at high speed because they set off a little late for their ferry to Rotterdam, this really should say 'THINK CAR'.

A 'bike' to me is a pedally thing without an engine, so the sign is inaccurate and could be promoting illegal behaviour. Unless it refers to the number of cars currently carrying two upright pushbikes on its roof, in which case the sign is presumably aimed at the drivers of these cars who have invariably not tethered these things properly, meaning the front wheels wobble like buggery and look bound to fall off and fly into your windscreen just as you overtake.

'THINK BIKE' also doesn't work because it doesn't come accompanied by a man slamming the side of his open palm down while his clenched fist bashes into it.

Not sure what I mean? Try this...

And yes, I just think of Andy De La Tour when I see this, too.

I got home safely, thinking about bikes all the way, promise.

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