19 July 2009

From the office of...

The death of Henry Allingham brought out the worst in the dreaded spokespersons who work for royalty and VIPs.

Spokespersons have a job to do but some events can be simply too significant or important for faceless, emotionless printed statements purporting to be from people who could never hope to achieve through their accident of birth or manipulation of systems what the great man achieved. The spokespersons should have been advising their boss to give a statement in their own voice rather than issuing something on an email.

I don't doubt that the Queen, Prince Charles and Gordon Brown echoed every word of sadness expressed on their behalves by their lackeys, but surely Mr Allingham was worth something a little more than two lines of rhetoric delivered by a bureaucrat which, frankly, could have been shuffled together in ten minutes without anyone important being consulted?

Let's see if any of them have the class to turn up at his funeral. If only there was a church big enough for every single one of us to go along.

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Callum said...

His funeral is going to be at St Nicholas's Church in Brighton: one of the smallest (and the oldest) that the town has. Says rather a lot.