20 July 2009


I've recently developed a fascination (which I can't explain) for the outposts of the UK, and I've decided I want to take holidays in them all, walking in the fresh air with the Bassets by day and enjoying the cosiness and ambience of such remoteness by night.

So I want to know what these places are like. I'm talking about Shetland, Orkney, the Western Isles, Scilly and even (and maybe especially) Lundy. You well-travelled people can tell me all about them, I'm sure.


Jon Peake said...

It's a desire for a quieter life. I share that desire, but I've never been to any of these places.

Mondo said...

Didn't Lesley 'Virgin Soldiers' Thomas have a buzz for the same thing -I'm sure he wrote a book on the subject

Callum said...

I went to Shetland for a short holiday after I finished my degree in 2002. I'd been bloody busy, at university as well as freelancing at various radio stations around the north of England. So I decided to get on the train to Aberdeen and then the overnight ferry to Lerwick.

I stayed in the youth hostel in Lerwick, which was reasonably decent, although full of school children from the Faeroe Islands (where do you go for an educational experience if you live on a remote archipelago? Errr...)

Then, after hiring a car, I drove around various Britain's most northerly things. The beaches are utterly spectacular, and very very empty. But once you've done this, had a few nights in the pub, and seen the Up Helly-Aa museum, there is remarkably little left to do. I had intended to stay a week but left after four days and went to Edinburgh.