3 August 2009

Strictly come utterly shit decision making

I disagree with the Arlene Phillips decision, but can cope with it nonetheless.

However, there is news this morning that Strictly Come Dancing have now axed the goddess of movement and general vision of female perfection that is Karen Hardy.

Are they mad? Are they blind? Are they totally insane? Are they any other negative adjectives I can put into italics?

The only consolation I can find is that the story is in the Daily Mirror, and is therefore quite possibly total bollocks. I bloody well hope so.


Jon Peake said...

They've got to stop chasing the cult of youth. She's only 39 - I'm 44, so imagine how insecure I feel surrounded by youngters at work. Are we all for the chop once we're over 35? It's like Logan's Run.

How did the radio show go then?

Matthew Rudd said...

Excellent, so I'm told! Ta for asking.