9 September 2009

Hector, be lenient

I'm ploughing through hundreds of receipts today, steeling myself for the annual bout of victimisation of the self-employed by HM Revenue & Customs.

I need to save every penny I can get, so if you can think of ways that a person who plays gramophones on radio and in live venues can claim for...

- an eye test
- about 600 quid's worth of pet food
- any number of football tickets at roughly 30 quid a time
- the complete Yes Minister on DVD

... then by all means leap in. Meanwhile, I am about to take a break from the receipts and go looking for a cap to put in my hand...


Valentine Suicide said...

Oddly, I have nothing to say about this post, except good luck?

The Joined up Cook said...

You need your eyes for your job.

Your pet inspires you to write.

The football tickets are for a corporate event for your clients and potential clients.

You are researching 'Yes, Minister' and need the DVDs

If you get away with that my fees are reasonable..........and tax deductable.

Lee Slator said...

How does the eye test thing work fo self employed people? I know that people are employed are entitled to a free test if they use a VDU for more than 10 hours a week. I would have hoped there would be some sort of scheme for the self employed population of this country