23 October 2009

Nick, Dick, take yer pick

And I too watched Question Time last night. I watch it most weeks so wasn't settling down before something new and inviting, like many people were, but nonetheless it was evidently not a 'normal' episode of the programme. Go see Broken TV for an especially marvellous analysis of what was said and done.

What did really enhance the public slaying of Nick Griffin and his poison was the running commentary and instant reactions on Twitter. This is a fine way of showing why Twitter works, why it's entertaining, why it's addictive. Everyone using the #bbcqt hashtag had something funny or enthralling to add as the programme rumbled on.

A few of my favourite quotes:-

"Blimey, at this rate the bonk-eyed racist won't even have an arse to be handed before he leaves..." @AndyMedcalf

"Surprising amount of people 'sieg-heiling' between questions." @serafinowicz

"This is the worst Mock The Week I've ever seen..." @HaggiWaggi

"Soon Griffin will be claiming he was misquoted by himself..." @charltonbrooker

"Dimbers was about to describe Gately as a member of a "popular beat combo" on the "Hit Parade"..." @smithsky1979

"Inside Bonnie's head 'Don't agree with me you bastard'." @feelinglistless

"I would find Jack Straw kissing Nick Griffin repulsive..." @serafinowicz

"It's a shame the BNP knows what it's getting for Christmas..." @serafinowicz

"Typical leftist BBC destroying the BNP by letting its leader talk in public. It's a plot." @minifig

"I am not sure I enjoyed this week's edition of Britain's Got Racists..." @edgarwright

"The campaign to get Nick Griffin on Who Do You Think You Are starts now..." @athinkingman

And my absolute favourite...

"'Churchill, are you upset that the BNP have used you as a figurehead?' "Ohhhh yes!" @SallyClarke


Simon said...

I've avoided Twitter until now, but this sort of thing makes me keener to sign up. He really did get it all wrong didn't he?

Lee Slator said...

I was unfortunately on my way home from work when this debate was broadcast and was disappointed to see the reaction on Twitter.

Like you say Matthew, it really does work when watching live shows, particularly this one.

I've seen evidence of it working on the other live shows e.g. The X Factor and previously Big Brother (although I didn't watch that, just saw the comments, honestly).

Alot of people don't see the value of being on Twitter, but this surely proves them wrong?