16 October 2009

"You say you'll change the constitution, well you know..."

After a court ruling, the BNP has been told to make a constitutional change to allow black and Asian people to join up. Then someone I know came up with this brilliant, if entirely unworkable, idea...

Every black and Asian adult in the UK should join, then democratically overthrow the leadership before quietly (or, even better, very noisily) disbanding the party.

It would never happen for several reasons but it's a great thought in theory.

Meanwhile, I'm all for that bombastic arse Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time next week, just to see the git taken to the intellectual cleaners.


Chris A Tye said...

I'd already thought of that. Which means, surely, other people have as well. So maybe there's a chance it could happen!

And, I'm actually looking forward to next Thursday's Question Time. There's a sentence I didn't think I'd ever write!

MediaFreakFarris said...

It is a rather daft move to make - pressurising the BNP to accept (in legislation) non-White members. Come on, who's actually going to take such hypocrisy seriously. There's more chance of a pack of Neanderthals acquiring BNP membership and securing power for themselves; oh wait, that's already happened.
Question Time is guaranteed to be a damn good poke to the funny bone at the BNPs expense

Stuart Ian Burns said...

Marcus Brigstock, 26th June 2009:


Starting 5:50 ...

The Joined up Cook said...

The more coverage they get the more the truth of their views will be seen for what they are.

Once you try to block people from speaking then they acquire a fantasy persona within people's minds.

Better the reality of actually hearing them to bring potential sympathisers down to earth.....with a hefty thump.