1 December 2009

Corrie questions

Still love it, and as ever, still questions worth asking...

1 - How come we got a reasonably good family in the Mortons and then saw all of them leave except the utterly hideous ex-wife?

2 - Is Natasha the hairdresser on a three month sabbatical?

3 - Why does Sean never mention his child?

4 - Why has Molly changed her ringtone from Molly Malone to a boring, standard double ring?

5 - How efficent must the Manchester justice system be to allow a murder trial to be set just a month after the accused was charge?

6 - Why have the Connor parents not wondered aloud if Carla was tupping Liam while still married to his brother?

7 - How does Ashley make a living by selling four lamb chops every week?

8 - Are we seriously meant to believe that the casting people at Granada looked at John Thomson and thought "yep, he'll pass for a 40 year old"?

9 - What happened to the burgeoning storyline about Bill paying Audrey her money back?

10 - Exactly when will Fizz be allowed to give Rosie the biggest lamping in soap opera history?


Jon Peake said...

I've come to the conclusion it's best not to ask too many questions where the soaps are concerned.

I like the ex-wife, I think she's in the Corrie tradition of strong women with an edge.

Bright Ambassador said...

John Thomson IS 40, that's why.

I'm still trying to get my head around why EVERYONE goes to a grotty backstreet boozer in their dinner hours, and on first dates, and before going out for a meal, and before absolutely any other significant event. If it was real life it'd be boarded up by now.

I've recently had an epiphany with Eastenders and I'm quite hooked. There's a PHENOMENAL amount of questions to be asked about that. Not least why is the Queen Vic so desirable that absolutely everyone wants to get their hands on its ownership?

Matthew Rudd said...

Blimey, he's not aged well then, has he? And that means he was probably doing Spitting Image in his teens.

The Rovers looks a shithole from the outside, but they have done in out rather nice...

EastEnders has remained uniformly awful and unwatchable since they turned Shane Richie's character into an arsehole and forced him to leave.

Bright Ambassador said...

I knew he wasn't much older than me and a quick internet search confirmed his year of birth as 1969.