10 March 2010

Oh, *that's* what happened to Corey Haim...

Corey Haim is dead, and it's quite hard to take in. I don't have much to say as I knew little of him, but even a moviephobic wretch like me thought The Lost Boys was marvellous. Especially that bit when the Haim character starts to tell his mum that Jason Patric is a vampire and she laughs and ... oh well, you know.

He was only 38. Aside from the obvious awfulness at such a young demise, this means he was actually 16 when that film was made, despite playing a boy of - what? Twelve at the most? The character was, after all, into comics and had to be babysat by his brother and told when to bathe.

And yes, he will now never grow old and, thanks to the film, he will never die. I suspect a lot of people are parroting that fame line at the moment.

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Chris A Tye said...

Sad news indeed. My wife is a big fan of the Lost Boys. The soundtrack, the one-liners ("Death by Stereo" is a classic), Kiefer Sutherland, it's got all the ingredients required to make it past her quality control.

No doubt there'll now be an increase in e-bay sales of the DVD version of the film.