6 June 2010

Glass and class

I left my car in Stockport on Friday night while away on the Nerd Night in Liverpool (blog on that soon). When I got back, this is how the back windscreen looked.

Fortunately, though not until many arse/elbow identification issues had been resolved, Autoglass decided that, having taken my £60 excess from my insurance prior to refusing to carry out the work, they would be willing to replace the glass after all, which was big of them. Every time I have opened my boot since I have heard the rattle of tiny shards cascading down and around, though God knows where exactly they are as the car looks fully vacuumed.

Once the work was done, I nipped into McDonalds (Bill Hicks: "I'm not proud of it - I'm hungry") and while waiting for my order, noticed the charity box that all branches have welded into the serving areas.

Look closely.

That's right, that flash of purple is a £20 note.

Now, we could simply have a fantastically generous person in Stockport. The cynic in me asks why someone so flush is eating in McDonalds; and then I began to hate myself for suspecting that this £20 bill was added to the box in a state of intoxication. Either way, I've never seen anything like it before. We can all sponsor someone £20 to wheel around Papua New Guinea on a segueway, but I've never known anyone stuff that amount of money into a charity collection receptacle without a question asked.

I'll ditch the cynic's act and say well done, whoever it was. Any chance you can lend me £60 for my windscreen?

1 comment:

Louis Barfe said...

Could the £20 note have been put there by McD's head office in an effort to get more suggestible punters to donate more?