3 August 2010

Love at the gym

Took a trip to the gym earlier today, and only three other people were there. A woman of roughly my age sweating furiously on the dreaded cross trainer, plus two school age teenagers, one boy and one girl.

For the next half hour, the teenage lad brazenly tried to arrange a date with the girl. It was obvious they already knew each other well as friends, but he clearly wanted it to go further. The fact that he was doing it in front of two total strangers in a public place amazed me. He was brave, shameless, determined. Everything the archetypal teenage boy isn't when it comes to girls.

She was one of those girls who the 15 year old me would have declared as "way out of my league" but he kept up the gentle questioning and patter and she enjoyed the attention. It was made all the sweeter by the fact that he wasn't trying to impress her in the gym; indeed, he barely lifted a single weight during this period of wannabe courtship because he was chatting her up so much.

I only stayed half an hour as I went for a swim, but I hope that by the time these two left the gym, they'd exchanged numbers and had arranged to meet with a bottle of cider in a bus shelter somewhere. I doubt it, as teenage girls only look at older boys who have mopeds and stubble, and certainly not ginger hair, acne and a brace. But maybe this girl will prove to be exceptional and dig into the boy's personality when making her decision. I headed for the pool really rooting for this guy, hoping she'd eventually say yes.

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