23 October 2010

The chanting is in Swahili and means "I love you, I want you"...

And so Q The 80s makes its return to the airwaves tomorrow night after seven days of agonised waiting (ok, hold back a bit, man) and, yes, what a show we have for you.

Three hours of big 80s songs, and a few littler ones still ever capable of growing with the right quantity of nurture and love.

Erm, well the title of this blog takes you close to the identity of one song on the show, while this embed brazenly dashes the secret as regards another.

The Featured Album is a 1989 pop classic that courted controversy in areas, while the Guilty Pleasure song is one of the less remembered (but still healthily selling) offerings from the decade's biggest British male star.

We shall enjoy ourselves from 6pm tomorrow, then. Q Radio is online here, on Freeview channel 716 for British enthusiasts, and the discerning Londoner can get us on DAB.

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