15 October 2010

Only eight months younger than my dad

Forget all the rumours, jealousies, sneers at his religious convictions and his inconvenient wish to stay sober, private and alive. More than half a century of consistent hitmaking, through to yesterday's 70th birthday, suggests a rather special career.

And yes, a few turkeys along the way, and a bit too much unnecessary association with Eurovision, but also some cracking pop songs, including this. Always his favourite, apparently. And, with any other singer, a shoo-in for one of the best love songs of all time. What a pity for both Cliff, and the song, that an element of snobbery stops it being appreciated properly.

It's better than bloody Imagine.

F-C paid a cracking tribute yesterday, and I rather hope that Mondo might dig out and discuss his favourite Cliff tune at some point too, as we all have one*.

Have any of the inkies mentioned this event, even in passing? Cliff may not have coolness or influence on his side but he has a) longevity, b) originality (he was in the charts a whole four years before the Beatles, despite being younger than both Starr and Lennon) and c) life. There's everything to respect.

*Barring a bloke from Newark.


Anonymous said...

My mother did her level best to give birth to me on Cliff's birthday. Unfortunately all did not go to plan and I arrived the day before, much to my mother's disdain. And every year, on my birthday - the 13th October - my mother points out with more derision that I feel necessary as, to be honest, it's not my fault, that I should have been born on the 14th. *deep sigh*. I love the embedded song. As a child who was raised on Cliff and whose first learned song was 'Livin' Doll' rather than 'Baa Baa Black Sheep', there's not a song in his back catalogue I don't know all the words to. And most of them, if I'm honest, I loathe. But I do love this song. It makes me cry. So thank you for putting this in - love it! Still prefer The Damned though!

Mondo said...

Fave Cliff bits have to be....

We Don't Talk Anymore
Wired For Sound
Out In the Country
My Kinda Life
Devil Woman
Miss You Nights
Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha
Move It

I'll pass this your way too - well worth lending a ear. Nancy Wallace's folky refit of We Don't Talk Anymore

Bright Ambassador said...

Hardly original given that he nicked his entire act off of Elvis Presley.