19 November 2010

Pudsey bear minimum

It's Children In Need tonight. A few quid has gone into a tin and I shall be watching Coronation Street and the Grand Slam of Darts, before perhaps enjoying Newsnight with a nightcap.

This doesn't make me cold or unfeeling, as I'm all for the cause. But filling hours of licence-funded airtime with JLS, Take That and Cheryl Cole, all coincidentally with new records out, while making Kate Silverton dress up as Lady GaGa and singularly reminding the country that Gaby Roslin exists, means there is little televisual merit in it whatsoever.


Clair said...

Agreed. I feel that the stars with singles out should donate all the profits from Saturday's record sales to the charity, in return for the free publicity.

Bright Ambassador said...

In JLS's case they already are.
Personally I had a big fat wank when Susanna Reid was doing the Lady GaGa routine. Your loss...