31 December 2010

That was the year that was

I attended three funerals in 2010, including those of a dear uncle and my first boss. Then there was the demise of an adored pet and the loss of a job that had given me such hope at the start of the year. An annus horribilus, maybe? Well, it could have been better, certainly. But I have health, great friends and still much to look forward to professionally and personally in the year and more to come.

I shall, as ever, be bringing in the New Year at the decks in Stockport, doing a six-hour set of everything and anything. I am still debating what will be the crucial first song of 2011 after the last bars of Auld Lang Syne have died out. It's a big decision. Last year was Greatest Day by Take That, which worked a treat. The year before it was Set You Free by N'Trance, and the year before that Dance The Night Away by the Mavericks. Hardly iPod classics for this bit of blogsville, but they don't half get a merry crowd up and moving.

Thanks for your continued reading and comments, and whether you're out partying or staying in with a glass of Merlot and Jools Holland's Hootenanny, I hope you have a great evening - and a superb year to come. To you!


Mondo said...

Have a top one, rocking the Stockport masses Matt..

I'm taking the guitar and doing acoustic set round our neighbours: Delilah, Suspicous Minds, I'm a Believer, Don't You Want Me..and Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Jo Day said...

Out of interest Matt, what did you choose? P.S. Happy New Year!

Matthew Rudd said...

Went for James Brown in the end Jo, with I Got You (I Feel Good). I was playing soul and Motown up to midnight so it seemed appropriate. Happy New Year!